Types of diamonds you need to know before buying a diamond

Diamonds have always been loved by most people, people usually buy diamonds as holiday gifts for themselves or others, as well as for marriage proposals, etc., but there are many types of diamonds, the price is not the same, before buying a diamond, you need to understand the types of diamonds.

First, according to the formation of the division

1. Naturally formed diamonds
The most expensive diamonds on the market are generally formed by crystallization over time in an environment of extremely high temperature and pressure (usually a lack of oxygen), and the oldest diamonds found are 4.5 billion years old. This kind of diamond is relatively high in value because it is rare.

2. Artificial diamonds
With the development of science and technology, there are many artificial diamonds on the market, and many people can make imitation diamonds through glass, spinel, zircon, strontium titanate and other materials, and the value of such diamonds is generally relatively low. But it is worth noting that some of these synthetic diamonds are even better looking than naturally formed diamonds.


Second, according to the diamond 4C grade

1. Weight
According to the weight of the diamond, the greater the weight of the diamond, the more valuable the diamond. The unit used to measure the weight of a diamond is the carat (ct), and one carat is equal to two grams. What we usually call 10 points and 30 points is that 1 carat is divided into 100 parts, each of which is one point, that is, 10 points is 0.1 carats, 30 points is 0.3 carats, and so on.

2. Color
Diamonds are divided by color, which refers to the depth of the color rather than the type of color below. According to the depth of the diamond color to determine the type of diamond, the closer the diamond is colorless, the more collectible. From D grade diamonds to Z grade diamonds are getting darker and darker, D-F is colorless, G-J is nearly colorless, and K-grade diamonds lose their collectible value.


3. Clarity
Diamonds are divided by clarity, which is literally how clean the diamond is. The purity of the diamond can be observed under a ten-fold microscope, and the more or more obvious the flaws, scratches, etc., the lower the value, and vice versa. According to the clarity of large diamonds are divided into 6 kinds, respectively FL, IF, VVS, VS, S, I.


4. Cut
Divide the diamond from the cut, the better the cut, the more the diamond can reflect the light to achieve a perfect proportion. The more common diamond cut shapes are heart, square, oval, round and pillow. In this respect, diamonds are divided into five types: EX, VG, G, FAIR and POOR.

Third, according to the diamond color division

1, Colorless diamond
Colorless diamonds refer to the kind of colorless, nearly colorless or with a hint of light yellow diamonds, and the classification of colorless diamonds is the above mentioned in accordance with the color depth to divide.

2. Colored diamonds
The reason for the formation of colored diamonds is that subtle changes in the inside of the diamond lead to the color of the diamond, and according to the different color of the diamond, the diamond is divided into five types. In terms of price, it is divided into red diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds, yellow diamonds and black diamonds (except special diamonds).

Post time: May-16-2024