The world’s top ten jewelry brands

1. Cartier (French Paris, 1847)
This famous brand, praised by King Edward VII of England as “the Emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s Emperor”, has created many wonderful works in more than 150 years. These works are not only the creation of fine jewelry watches, but also have a high value in art, worth appreciating and enjoying, and often because they have belonged to celebrities, and have been covered with a layer of legend. From the huge necklace customized by the Indian prince, to the tiger-shaped glasses that accompanied the Duchess of Windsor, and the French College sword full of symbols of the great scholar Cocteau, Cartier tells a legend story.
2.Tiffany (New York, 1837)
On September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany borrowed $1,000 as capital to open a stationery and daily use boutique called Tifany&Young at 259 Broadway Street in New York City, with a turnover of only $4.98 on the opening day. When Charles Lewis Tiffany died in 1902, he left a fortune of $35 million. From a small stationery boutique to one of the largest jewelry companies in the world today, “classic” has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are too many people who are proud to wear TIFFANY jewelry, which is deposited with history and developed until now.
3.Bvlgari (Italy, 1884)
In 1964, star Sophia Loren’s Bulgari gem necklace was stolen, and the Italian beauty who owned many jewels immediately burst into tears and was heartbroken. In history, several Roman princesses have been crazy in exchange for territory in order to get the unique Bulgari jewelry… More than a century since Bvlgar was founded in Rome, Italy in 1884, Bulgari jewelry and accessories have firmly conquered the hearts of all women who love fashion like Sophia Loren with their gorgeous design style. As a top brand group, Bvlgari includes not only jewelry products, but also watches, perfumes and accessories, and Bvlgari’s BVLgari Group has become one of the world’s three largest jewelers. Bulgari has an indissoluble bond with diamonds, and its colored diamond jewelry has become the biggest feature of brand jewelry.
4. Van CleefArpels (Paris, 1906)
Since its birth, VanCleef&Arpels has been a top jewelry brand especially loved by aristocrats and celebrities all over the world. Legendary historical figures and celebrities all choose VanCleef&Arpels jewelry to show their incomparable noble temperament and style.
5. Harry Winston (Main Formation, 1890)
The House ofHarry Winston has a glittering history. Winston Jewelry was founded by Jacob Winston, the grandfather of the current director, Reynold Winston, and began as a small jewelry and watch workshop in Manhattan. Jacob, who immigrated to New York from Europe in 1890, was a craftsman known for his craftsmanship. He started a business that was later carried on by his son, Harny Winston, who was Reynold’s father. With his natural business acumen and an eye for high-quality diamonds, he successfully marketed jewelry to New York’s wealthy upper class and founded his first company at the age of 24.
6.DERIER (Paris, France, 1837)
In the 18th century, in Orleans, France, this ancient family began the earliest production of gold and silver jewelry and jewelry inlay, which was gradually respected by the upper class at that time and became a luxury for the upper class of French society and the nobility.
7. Dammiani (Italy 1924)
The beginning of the family and jewelry can be traced back to 1924, the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani: set up a small studio in Valenza, Italy, gorgeous jewelry design style, so that his reputation rapidly expanded, becoming the exclusive jewelry designer designated by many influential families at that time, after his death, In addition to the traditional design style, Damiano added modern and popular creative elements, and actively transformed the studio into a jewelry brand, and reinterpreted the diamond light with the unique Lunete(half moon diamond setting) technique, and since 1976, Damiani’s works have successively won the International Diamond Awards (its importance is like the Oscar award of film art)18 times, so that Damiani truly occupies a place in the international jewelry market, and this is also an important reason for Damiani to attract the attention of Brad Pitt. A 1996 award-winning piece by current design director Silvia, Blue Moon, inspired the heartthrob to collaborate with her on jewelry, designing the engagement and wedding rings for Jennifer Aniston. That is, the Unity(now renamed D-side) and P-romise series sold wildly in Japan respectively, which also gave Brad Pitt a new head street as a jewelry designer.
8. Boucheron (Paris, France, 1858)
Renowned for 150 years, the famous French luxury timepiece and jewelry brand Boucheron will open its gorgeous curtain at 18 Bund, the fashion capital of Shanghai. As a top jewelry brand under the GUCCI Group, Boucheron was founded in 1858, known for its perfect cutting technology and high-quality gemstone quality, is a leader in the jewelry industry, a symbol of luxury. Boucheron is one of the few jewelers in the world who has always maintained the exquisite craftsmanship and traditional style of fine jewelry and watches.
9.MIKIMOTO (1893, Japan)
The founder of MIKIMOTO Mikimoto Jewelry in Japan, Mr. Mikimoto Yukiki enjoys the reputation of “The Pearl King” (The Pearl King), with his creation of artificial cultivation of pearls passed down through the generations to 2003, has a long history of 110 years. This year MIKIMOTO Mikimoto Jewelry opened its first store in Shanghai, showing the world the infinite charm of various pearl jewelry. It now has 103 stores around the world and is managed by the fourth generation of the family, Toshihiko Mikimoto. Mr. ITO is currently the President of the company. MIKIMOTO Jewelry will launch a new “Diamond Collection” in Shanghai next year. MIKIMOTO Mikimoto Jewelry has an eternal pursuit of classic quality and elegant perfection, and is well deserved to be known as the “King of Pearls”.
10.SWAROVSKI (Austria, 1895)
More than a century later, the Swarovski company is worth $2 billion today, and its products often appear in movies and television, including “Moulin Rouge” starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, “Back to Paris” starring Audrey Hepburn and “High Society” starring Grace Kelly.

Post time: May-13-2024