Tips to care for your jewelry

The maintenance of jewelry is not only to maintain its external luster and beauty, but also to extend its service life. Jewelry as a delicate handicraft, its material often has special physical and chemical properties, easy to be affected by the external environment. Through regular cleaning and proper maintenance, you can remove the stains and dust on the surface of the jewelry and restore its original bright luster.

Jewelry can usually be divided into gold and silver, diamonds, gemstones, organic gemstones and jade.


Mainly refers to solid gold, 18K gold, silver, platinum and so on


  1. When the gold jewelry loses its luster due to stains, as long as it is soaked and cleaned in warm water + neutral detergent, and then wiped dry.
  2. After the silver jewelry is black, it can be wiped with a silver cloth, or it can be cleaned with a toothpaste that does not contain particles.
  3. After long-term wear of metal jewelry, oxidation reaction will occur, fading, blackening, etc., is a normal phenomenon, you can contact the business to refurbish.
  4. Metal jewelry that is not worn for a long time can be packed in a sealed bag after cleaning to prevent oxidation and blackening.


Mainly refers to white diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, green diamonds and so on


  1. Don’t run your hands over diamonds too often. Diamonds are lipophilic, and the oil on the skin will affect the shine and brightness of the diamond.
  2. Do not wear and place diamonds with other gemstones, because diamonds are very hard and may wear other gemstones.
  3. Although diamond hardness is high, but also brittle, so do not bump.
  4. When cleaning, use a small bowl filled with warm water, put in an appropriate amount of neutral detergent, and then immerse the diamond jewelry, gently scrub with a toothbrush, and finally rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
  5. Pay attention to two points: First, try to scrub the back of the diamond together, which can greatly brighten the diamond luster; Second, do not scrub in front of the bathroom or sewer (to avoid falling into the pipe).
  6.  You can also contact the business and use ultrasound to clean (with the exception of group diamonds).



It mainly refers to colored gemstones, such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, garnet, crystal and so on.


  1. Their hardness is different, it is best to wear or place separately.
  2. Some gems are afraid of losing water, some gems are afraid of soaking water, some gems are afraid of high temperature, some are afraid of the sun, the situation is more complicated, it is difficult to give examples one by one. If you are not sure, consult the merchant. The safest universal measure is still to avoid exposing the stone to abnormal conditions – such as exposure to the sun, the bathroom, etc.
  3. For emeralds, tourmalines, and other gems with more inclusions/cracks, or brittleness/low hardness, they can not be cleaned with ultrasonic machines to avoid damage or fragmentation of gems.


Organic gemstones

Mainly refers to pearls, coral, fritillary, amber wax and so on.


  1. Organic gems contain organic components, the hardness is generally low, avoid bumping, strong friction.
  2. Keep away from heat sources (hot water, exposure, etc.) and acid and alkaline substances.
  3. Sweat, steam, smoke will damage them, so do not wear them into places with cloudy gas (such as kitchens, bathrooms).
  4. When wearing pearls, if it is worn against the skin and sweating too much (of course, it is generally not recommended to wear it), you can simply rinse with pure water after going home (but do not soak), wash off the sweat stains, and then dry with a soft cloth. Be careful not to rinse with chlorinated tap water.
  5.  Avoid using ultrasound.

Organic gems are relatively delicate, and if properly cared for, they can accompany us for a longer time.


Mainly refers to jade, Hetian jade and so on.


  1. The best maintenance of jade is to wear it often, and the natural oil secreted by the human body can form a maintenance effect on it, which will make it appear more and more shiny.
  2.  To avoid strong bump, such as jade bracelet.
  3.  Should not be put into the ultrasonic machine cleaning.

If you are unable to jot down so many tips, here are general maintenance recommendations

  1. Develop a good wearing habit of “put it on when you go out, take it off when you come home”, which can allow your jewelry to avoid 80% of after-sales problems.
  2. Avoid contact with daily chemical products. Do not wear it when taking a bath, so as to avoid chemical reactions with soap, body wash, shampoo, cosmetics, etc.
  3. Avoid collision or extrusion, so as not to deformation or fracture, such as sleeping, sports, cooking should be taken off.
  4. Avoid high temperature or exposure to the sun to avoid unnecessary fading and other problems.
  5. Different kinds of jewelry, different hardness, should be placed separately to avoid wearing each other.
  6. Check regularly, such as whether the gemstone set in the claw is loose, whether the diamond is dropped, whether the necklace buckle is firm, etc.

Post time: Apr-26-2024