What jewelry celebrities like? The jewellery worn by Lady Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher, known as the “Iron Lady”, died at home on 8 April 2013 after suffering a stroke at the age of 87. For a time, Thatcher’s fashion, jewelry, accessories have become a hot spot, the public all admire the “Iron Lady” elegant and noble temperament. Thatcher’s clothes often changed with the ages, but the pearl as an ornament remained throughout her life. From the 1950s photo, the perfect housewife’s look, pearl necklaces and earrings became the focus of this middle-class woman’s outfit. On her wedding day in 1951, she invited the pearls to enjoy them. After the age of 60, she still maintained the habit of wearing pearls, which naturally shows that pearls are the epitome of conservatism – even after she gave up knitwear, she still insisted on using pearls to show her own reliability. Just as she described Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds – expensive and frivolous, even decadent. And the pearl’s reliability and unquestioned conservatism, like a string of pearls, has also led to her being called the “necklace that doesn’t turn.”

Throughout history, it is not difficult to find that from Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Princess Diana, former US Secretary of State Rice, Hillary Clinton, to film and television stars Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Romy Schneider, Coco Chanel, are fans of pearls and jewelry. The noble and elegant temperament of pearl jewelry is not only favored by Kings of all dynasties, but also loved by contemporary dignitaries and celebrities, and has become the first choice for modern dignitaries to wear jewelry at important events, which is more important than wealth management and collection of treasures.


Margaret Memory-Persistence


This necklace is also one of the classic necklaces that Mrs. Thatcher loved throughout her life, and is also the jewelry throughout her life – pearl jewelry, this work is known as persistent. The diamond is buttoned with blue stones and she can wear it in three ways: an elegant double-loop way, a way to split it into two separate single-loop bead chains, and a way to splice it into a long bead chain. A piece of jewelry, presenting three different kinds of elegance, while marveling at the perfect bead chain, adds a bit of interest!

Margaret Memory-Pursuing


This necklace broke Mrs. Thatcher’s habit of choosing large-size South ocean beads, although a number of beads of different sizes are woven, but it fully presents her spirit of unremitting pursuit from the foundation. So much so that she wore this on many important occasions is not a valuable “treasure”.

Margaret Memory-Outstanding

This brooch is Mrs. Thatcher’s only pearl brooch jewelry, but also like her life, a single show, bustling and full of hope.

Looking back on international politicians, it is not difficult to find that many of them have chosen LILYROSE Pearl jewelry, pearl is recognized as the jewelry queen of the “Five Kings and one Queen” in the international jewelry industry. The Queen of Jewels, Eliro, a name born of life, a perfectly presented touch. In the memory of Mr. And Mrs. Luo Huacheng, the founder of LILYROSE “Lilyrose”, their first VIP head of state was former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, “she came in, I was very respectful and confident to Mrs. Thatcher said, ‘I hope to make you a pearl necklace you have never seen before, and I believe you will like her ‘”. Mrs. Luo quickly turned several strings of necklaces of different sizes, and a noble and refined “treasure” was presented in front of Mrs. Thatcher, who was known as the “Iron Lady”, so that she later wore this special favorite and distinctive “treasure” in many important activities. Since then, Mrs. Thatcher visited China twice and spent valuable time to meet with Mrs. Luo, and the friendship between the “Iron Lady” and the “Luo couple” has also been legendary. It is also found that LILYROSE “Lilyrose” is also Laura, the former first lady of the United States. Bush, former British Prime Minister’s wife Tony Blair, Princess Marsilde of Belgium, Queen Sofia Franica of Spain, Hollywood actress Jessica. The common choice of international dignitaries and celebrities, such as Alba, for reasons which believe that no more expressions will be necessary.

Post time: May-21-2024