The 16 Very Best Jewelry Organizers Put your pearls in their place.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my decade of jewelry collecting, it’s that you need some sort of storage solution to avoid scuffed-up gold, shattered stones, tangled chains, and peeling pearls. This becomes even more crucial the more pieces you have, as the potential for damage — and the chance of one-half of a pair going missing — increases.

That’s why serious collectors make up their own strategies to separate their holy grails (like a vintage Christian Lacroix cross choker) from everyday essentials (the Mejuris, Missomas, Ana Luisas & Co.). I keep most of my jewelry — 200 pieces and counting — on a three-tiered stand, in several trinket trays, and in a mini curio cabinet. This helps me know, say, the precise location of special-occasion shrimp earrings (a gilded tabletop tray next to a checkered cocktail ring). But there are those who prefer the “all in one place” direction (think of celebs’ jewelry “islands,” as seen on their closet tours). Whichever setup works best for you will largely depend on what you have. Take stock of your jewelry first, and then check out the boxes, trays, and catchalls listed below, which have been recommended to us by jewelry designers, professional organizers, and me, an obsessive collector.

Stackers now takes the “best in class” blue ribbon from the Songmics cabinet below, with the English company earning the most mentions from our experts. Those who recommended this stackable box to us — including professional organizer Britnee Tanner and Heidi Lee of home-organization service Prune + Pare — touted its versatility so much that it felt deserving of our top spot. It works “whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist,” Tanner explains, adding that the modular design allows you to add trays as you need them. There’s variety within the trays, too — there’s one designed specifically to separate charms for a bracelet, and another is divided into 25 sections for rings. This is why it’s also a favorite of Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo, since “you can customize your own box based on what kind of jewelry you have the most of.” Lee likes the visibility you get by unstacking the trays and laying them side by side; you’ll know exactly where that heirloom brooch is hiding. As far as aesthetics go, the box (and assorted trays) are wrapped in vegan leather while the inside is covered in velvet that “feels more luxurious than you think,” Tanner says.

Most of our panel recommended boxes over other styles of organizers. One of them is Jessica Tse, founder of NOTTE, who keeps her jewels in this modest box from CB2 that “doubles as home décor [since] it looks like a beautiful marble block on my table.” Another box believer is Tina Xu, the designer behind I’MMANY. Xu uses something similar to this acrylic box from Amazon with a lining that’s “really kind to gold, silver jewelry, or jewelry made from natural stones.”

But the box that won out was Pottery Barn’s Stella. It has the most traditional look of any of the recommendations we heard about. There are two sizes to choose from: The large features four drawers and a top tray with three compartments and a separate ring holder. The even larger “ultimate” size opens up to reveal a mirror and additional compartments hidden underneath the lid. Juliana Ramirez, former brand manager at Lizzie Fortunato who now works at Loeffler Randall, points out that the velvet-lined drawers make finding and caring for her pieces much easier. “My days of awkwardly sifting through a ton of clunky dust bags are officially over,” she explains. The construction is another reason the box is a favorite. It’s sturdy, spacious, and durable enough for her ever-expanding collection. The box comes in white, too.

Post time: May-23-2023