Bold Jewelry Trends To Try For Summer 2023

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Summer 2023 fashion trends are pretty understated this year, but that doesn’t mean jewelry can’t steal the show. In fact, lip and nose rings are popping up everywhere and oversized statement jewelry pieces are on-trend. Think big earrings, chunky necklaces, and cuff bracelets. Hair jewelry and bejeweled bras are also bold ways to stand out in a crowd. Here are daring jewelry trends to try for summer 2023 if you’re feeling playful

Try A Nose Ring

Nose rings make a statement. After all, you have to be pretty brave to get one—or more—put in. Think small, wearable pieces that will be comfortable enough to wear all day but still draw a little extra attention to your beautiful face.

Go Big With Your Earrings—And Watch For The Evil Eye

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Big metal earrings are in and make a great way to finish off an otherwise simple look. Evil eye jewelry is also on-trend and makes an interesting discussion piece behind the meaning of the symbol. In fact, if you wear evil eye jewelry to a party, expect plenty of related conversation between those in the know and those curious about the symbolism.

Play With Lip Jewelry

Whether you opt for a subtle lip ring or a statement lip piece like the one above, lip jewelry is eye-catching and edgy. Expect to receive questions about how the piercing felt and a mixture of curiosity and awe from those around you—which is exactly what you might be looking for with such a bold decision. Best of all? Many lip pieces don’t actually require a piercing.

Go Jeweled With Your Lingerie

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The right bra qualifies as a top these days, so why not add jewels and also qualilfy as jewelry? A bejeweled bra is sexy, beautiful, and will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Embrace Chunky Metal Pieces

A chunky metal necklace paired with cuffs, rings, and a matching belt make for a look that’s bold, futuristic, and perfect for summer. Pair with a chain top and you’re ready for any concert, festival, or party.

Try A Cuff

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A cuff worn at bicep height draws attention to those arms you’ve been working on and makes for a statement piece that’ll earn you compliments.

Wear A Chunky Metal Bracelet

A chunky metal bracelet gives off a cool, futuristic vibe—as well as a superhero quality. The look is strong, powerful, and pretty all at once.

Jazz Up All The Details

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From sunglasses to bag straps to matching earrings, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in a jewelry heavy vibe for a bold summer look. Oversized pearls also make for a classy and fun addition to a fairly monochrome outfit that’s light and on-trend for summer

Try A Choker

Chokers have a Y2K vibe that’s on-trend for summer 2023. The look has a playful edge and pairs well with a bra top and plenty of other jewelry pieces, like a handful of rings and a matching bracelet.

Add Hair Jewelry

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Hair jewelry is an often overlooked option for adding additional flair to any look. Whether it’s a single piece or many, hair jewelry is fun and unique.

Post time: Jul-14-2023