9820 enterprises focus on “high quality home”! The Canton Fair is on now

The second phase of the 135th Canton Fair kicked off on April 23. The five-day event will be held from April 23 to 27.

It is understood that this exhibition with “high quality home” as the theme, focusing on the display of household goods, gifts and decorations, building materials and furniture 3 major sectors of 15 exhibition areas, offline exhibition exhibition area of 515,000 square meters, 9,820 offline exhibitors, the number of booths 24,658.

The reporter learned that in the second phase of 24,658 exhibition figures, there were 5150 brand booths, and a total of 936 brand enterprises were selected through strict procedures to participate in the exhibition, and the exhibitors’ structure was better and the quality was higher. Among them, more than 1,100 exhibitors for the first time. The number of high-quality characteristic enterprises with titles such as national high-tech enterprises, manufacturing individual champions, specialized and special new “little giant” increased by more than 300 compared with the previous session.


Exhibitors: The last Canton Fair turnover of one million US dollars, looking forward to this year!

“Since 2009, our company has continued to participate in the Canton Fair, and the number of customers received has significantly increased.” Chu Zhiwei, sales manager of Shandong mastercard Construction Steel Products Co., LTD., told reporters that from the initial contact at the exhibition, to continue docking after the exhibition, and then to visit the company on the spot, customers have gradually deepened their understanding and understanding of mastercard Steel products, and their familiarity and trust in the company have been further enhanced.

Chu Zhiwei told reporters that at the 134th Canton Fair, a buyer from Venezuela initially reached an intention to cooperate with the company, and then a detailed understanding of the company’s products and enterprise situation, and the two sides eventually reached a multimilon-dollar cooperation, “the arrival of new customers added new impetus for the company to continue to explore the American market.”

Communication and cooperation is a two-way street – after meeting new customers at the Canton Fair, mastercard’s foreign trade agents are also increasingly going overseas to investigate the markets of the countries and regions where buyers are located, and more effectively expand overseas customers and business. Talking about the expectations of the Canton Fair, Chu Zhiwei said that he hopes to get to know more buyers from the American region, and will develop unique sales strategies and sales models for the region’s market.

Another exhibitors Shenzhen Fuxingye Import and Export Co., LTD. Business person Wenting introduced that the company is currently mainly producing and selling daily porcelain and stainless steel tableware, and gradually formed two series of household daily porcelain and gift porcelain, products are mainly sold to Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. “We gained new customers from Serbia, India and other countries at the 134th Canton Fair.” Wen Ting said, “The number of overseas buyers at this year’s Canton Fair has increased significantly compared to the last one, and we are more confident about meeting new customers and expanding into new markets!”

Anshan Qixiang Crafts Co., Ltd. began to participate in the Canton Fair since 1988, witnessed the development of the Canton Fair, is a veritable “old and broad”. Pei Xiaowei, head of the company’s business, told reporters that the series of products produced by the company cover Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other Western holiday supplies, mainly exported to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, long-term supply to overseas large chain stores, importers, retailers. “We are the first company in China to use natural materials to produce holiday decorations. The products are made from local natural materials such as urah grass, rattan and pine tower, and are purely handmade.” She revealed that the company’s design team is constantly improving and innovating the materials used in the products to meet the needs of buyers in different countries. Hope the new products in this Canton Fair can harvest more surprises.

As of April 18, the second phase of the online platform enterprises uploaded a total of about 1.08 million exhibits, including 300,000 new products, 90,000 independent intellectual property products, 210,000 green and low-carbon products, and 30,000 smart products.

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International famous brands appeared at the second import exhibition

In terms of import exhibition, the second phase of the 135th Canton Fair Import Exhibition has 220 enterprises from 30 countries and regions, including exhibition groups from Turkey, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Japan, focusing on the display of kitchen utensils, household goods, gifts and giveaways and other products.

It is reported that the second phase of the import exhibition will usher in the debut of international well-known brands, select international home life enterprises with wide brand influence and distinctive products. It mainly includes SILAMPOS, the European cookware brand leader, ALLUFLON, the Italian century-old classic kitchenware brand, AMT Gastroguss, the German traditional hand-cast aluminum cookware manufacturer, DR.HOWS, the popular outdoor camping kitchenware brand in South Korea, and SHIMOYAMA, the Japanese new household goods brand.

It is reported that the second phase of the import exhibition from South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana and other 18 countries to build the “Belt and Road” a total of 144 enterprises participated, accounting for about 65%. They mainly include FiXWOOD, a Turkish natural wood furniture design brand, K&I, a professional aluminum cookware supplier in Egypt, MASPION GROUP, a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer in Indonesia, and ARTEX, a leader in Vietnamese crafts.

In order to help enterprises explore business opportunities, on April 24, Canton Fair Import Exhibition will hold the 135th Canton Fair Import Exhibition home products Matchmaking, select from Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries of high-quality kitchen goods, home goods, gifts and gifts exhibitors, and invite professional import and export traders and buyers resources to attend. Activities set up enterprise promotion, exhibitor product display and docking negotiations and other links, to discuss the import trade opportunities of household products.




Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Post time: Apr-24-2024